• I used the Premium/DAZN bundle, will I be able to keep accessing DAZN contents?

    Of course! DAZN has special offer for you: 3 months of vision until 31/08/2019 without subscription fees. You will just need to access with your login details previously created and you will be able to enjoy a summer of great sport. Continuing accessing DAZN contents, among which 3 Serie A matches in exclusive every week and all the Serie B matches, is very easy.Before 31/08/2019 go to the “My account” page and link a paying method to your account. Your subscription will cost 9,99€/month and you will be able to cancel the subscription anytime you want. For more details CLICK HERE
  • I am a SKY customer: how can I see DAZN?

    It is possible to subscribe DAZN offers for Sky customers directly from the Sky website by clicking HERE. If you have already bought a DAZN offer via Sky and you have received the code via SMS, follow the instructions in the SMS you received from Sky. These codes can not be redeemed on other pages, be sure to use only the link in the text of the SMS. If you have lost the SMS with the code, contact Sky to have it sent again
  • How can I redeem a giftcode from Eolo ?

    You can redeem it [HERE] (
  • I have a PREPAID ACCESS CODE. How can I redeem it?

    If you have DAZN prepaid access code purchased in a Esselunga, Mediaworld, Unieuro, Euronics or LIS CARICA shop from Lottomatica, you can redeem your code HERE.
    Your code can be activated by using the above link.
  • What content is on DAZN?

    DAZN exclusively offers the following sporting events:
    - Serie A: three exclusive games every week, including Saturday night, for a total of 114 matches, plus the highlights of all matches
    You can also watch Serie BKT, La Liga, Ligue 1, Copa America, African Cup of Nations, American sports (NFL,NHL,MLB), motor sports, fight sports and much more.
  • What devices are compatible with DAZN?

    Watch DAZN with your Smart TV, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and many other devices. A tip for an even better experience: use a device with an Internet connection compatible with high quality video streaming.
    Click here to view the complete and detailed list of devices supported by DAZN.
  • What is the necessary band width?

    DAZN provides high quality video streaming. Automatically select the best video quality available for your device and your Internet connection speed. Here are our recommendations for the speed of internet downloads to watch sports events on DAZN:
    -2.0 Mbps: recommended download speed for SD resolution (Standard Definition). This speed is ok to watch sports moving on your cell phone. -3.5 Mbps: recommended download speed for HD resolution (High Definition). This speed is good for watching sports on your mobile phone. -6.5 Mbps: recommended download speed for HD resolution and high frame rates. If you're watching sports on TV, this is the minimum download speed we recommend. -8.0 Mbps: recommended download speed for HD resolution, highest video quality and high frame rates.
    Visit our help article to solve the most common connection problems and to test your Internet connection speed
  • Can I really try DAZN for free?

    Yes! The first month is completely free. And you can still cancel the free month at any time.
    During the free trial month you will not be charged any amount. After the first month, pay € 9.99 per month with the option to cancel whenever you want with no commitments.
  • How do I create a DAZN account?

    Click on "START YOUR FREE MONTH", enter your first name, last name, email address and create a password. Then enter the details of your payment method. Like all new subscribers, when you create an account with DAZN you are entitled to a free month and you can cancel whenever you want. Obviously, the payment method will be used if you decide to continue. Important to remember: during the first month no amount will be charged.